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Valentin Dubovskoy

Born in 1967 in Saratov, Russia. After graduating from Moscow State University with specialization in mathematics was giving his own course of lectures on economic computer sciences at the economic faculty of Moscow State University for 2 years.

Acquired specialization in solo singing and composition in Moscow State Conservatory.

His tours include Japan
, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Armenia, Israel, Cyprus, Tunisia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Belorussia, 6 times in USA. With over 30 central opera parts in his repertoir.

He is the author of 2 symphonies, 14 operas and rock operas, 4 musicals, 4 oratorias, 5 cantatas and rock cantatas, 7 poems and over 350 songs and romances. He is the member of the Union of Composers of Russia and Guild of Composers of Russian Musical Union.

He is winner of 5th
International composer competitions named after O.Dunayevsky, 2nd International composer competitions named after R.Glier, 2nd International composer competitions «Musical firmament», 1st International composer competitions «Image», finalist of International opera festival Bartok-plusz, winner of premia of Moscow Government, winner of Moscow competition «Acknowledgment: teacher – student».

Valentin Dubovskoy’s music:
   Symphonies of Elements. (2017-2024)
   CRYSTAL BEEHIVE. Historical tale. (2024)
   POEMS AND BALLADS. Lyrics by Dmitry Kedrin. (2024)
   THE CANTERVILLE GHOST. Rock opera. (2001, 2023)
   JEANNE. Rock opera. (2007 2008, 2023)
   PUGACHEV. Rock opera. (2022 2023)
   By the way of Cain. Vocal cycle. (2022 2023)
   Don Juan in Egypt. Opera in one act. (2022 2023)
   TRIPTYCH. Three operas in one act. (2021 2022)
   DIRECTLY BY THE SEA. Poem for soprano. (2021)
   DOLPHINIADA. Oratorio. (2019 2021)
   AYBOLIT. Children's rock opera. (2020)
   MIRRORS. Poem. (2019)
   TWO POEMS FOR TENOR. Lyrics by David Samoylov. (2019)
   BEYOND. Cantata. (2018)
   The Fisherman and his Soul. Ambient opera. (2017)
   THE SONG OF HIAWATHA. Dramatic oratoria. (2016)
   WAT TYLER. Dramatic oratoria. (2015 2016)
   WISTFUL SMILES. Vocal cycle. (2015 2016)
   ENOCHIAN KEYS. Oratoria. (2006 2008, 2011 2013, 2015)
   Music to «ONDINE». (2007, 2009, 2011, 2015)
   DREAM OF A RIDICULOUS PERSON. Musical performance. (1998, 2014)
   STONE ANGEL. Opera in six scenes. (2012 2014)
   FAIRY TALE ABOUT BEWITCHED DARYUSHKA. Children’s musical. (1999, 2014)
   WILD SWANS. Children’s musical. (2000, 2014)
   BEES’ TEARS. Rock album. (2005 2007, 2013)
   THE SONG OF SONGS. Gospel cantatas. (2003 2004, 2013)
   K'DUSHA, HALEL. Cantatas. (1996, 2005, 2012)
   CYRANO DE BERGERAC. Musical. (2010 2011)
   MONTE CRISTO. Rock opera. (2009 2010)
   VOLUNTEERS. Musical drama in two acts. (2009)
   MUSIC OF THELEMA. Rock album. (2006 2007)
   I WITNESS THE NIGHT. Rock album. (2004 2005)
   PAGANINI. Rock opera. (1999, 2005, 2013)
   MASTER AND MARGARITA. Opera in one act. (2003 2004)
   PILAT. Opera in one act. (2001 2002)
   RUSSIAN. Album.
   APOCALYPSIS. Sympho-rock cantatas. (1996 1997)

e-mail: tahuti@mail.ru